Softube introduces software version of Vermona’s Random Rhythm sequencer

Encouraging experimentation and discovery through probability-based triggering.

Softube Random Rhythm

Image: Softube

Softube has introduced Random Rhythm, a software plug-in version of Vermona’s two-channel trigger-sequencer of the same name. This software version, made for Softube’s Modular environment, models itself closely on the original, while introducing save features for improved in-the-box workflow.

Random Rhythm is a trigger-sequencer that relies on randomisation and probability. Both channels feature a set of four sliders, each tied to a subdivision. By raising one slider (say the quarter-note), it increases the probability of triggering on each beat. Add to that the ability to route each subdivision to trigger a different instrument, and it could make for a powerful live performance tool.

Like Vermona’s original, Random Rhythm operates in two modes: realtime and dice. In realtime mode, the plug-in generates random values on each count, while dice mode generates random values for a complete measure which is then repeated.

The plug-in version also allows for saving custom presets and states, which is a welcome feature, given the limitless options results it is capable of generating.

Random Rhythm usually retails at $39. But until May, it’s going for an introductory price of $29.

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