The Periscope is a condenser with a built-in compressor for creative recording

It isn’t a tube condenser – not in the traditional sense, at least.

Scopelabs Periscope

Image: Scopelabs

Scopelabs’ debut microphone, the Periscope, is an omni-directional condenser microphone that puts an emphasis on creative recording.

The microphone sports a peculiar design that resembles something you might find in a plumber’s tool box rather than a studio mic locker. However, with that said, the microphone has been praised – namely for drum recording – by the likes of Butch Vig, Joe Barresi and the Chemical Brothers.

The microphone fits a built-in analogue compressor that acts as a “magnifying glass” to hone in on texturally interesting sonic content. In fact, part of Scopelabs’ mission with the Periscope was to deviate from the “average surgical and pristine” qualities favoured by some other microphones brands.

“For years microphone manufacturers have been looking for the most pristine sound, we have our mic lockers full of supposed-to-be-perfect pieces,” Mattia Sartori, co-founder of Scope Labs said in a statement. “They can tell us exactly how an instrument sounds but often they cannot capture the vibe, they cannot tell us the story behind it. That’s why we need new unique tools with character and that’s exactly what the Periscope delivers.”

The Periscope’s design went through a development pipeline of about two years; the copper sleeve not only gives it its unique look, but also provides it with shielding and grounding from interference. It’s also said to age and change in colour over time – making each unique.

Watch the trailer for the Periscope below:

The Periscope is available now for €369.

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