Polyend opens pre-orders for Preset, Poly 2 and Anywhere modules

The three units were revealed at Superbooth 2019.

Polyend preset white background

The Polyend Preset

Polyend is now taking orders for the Preset, Poly 2 and Anywhere, three modules which were unveiled at last month’s Superbooth.

The Preset, as you may remember, was earmarked as a game-changer for memory storage in Eurorack. The module is a comprehensive utility tool, letting you save, recall and sequence various sets of gates, voltages, notes or automation, according to Polyend.

Pre-orders at $399.

Version two of the original Poly MIDI-CV convertor comes with a host of upgrades. These include a bright OLED display, 12 configurable outputs, MPE support and a Smart Thru function geared towards daisy chaining.

Pre-orders at $349.

Polyend’s Anywhere is an external power source for your modular rig capable of running for up to eight hours, from a USB-compatible power bank.

Pre-orders at $149.

More info at polyend.com.


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