Pin Electronics’ Miasma is a portable analogue synth with a touchscreen pin matrix

Offering EMS-style signal routing without the actual pins.

Pin Electronics Miasma

Image: Pin Electronics

Pin Electronics has lifted the veil on the Miasma, its latest self-contained analogue synth. The portable system comes fitted into an SKB carrying case and offers powerful routing talents, thanks to an onboard pin matrix.

The Miasma takes a digital step forward from the brand’s celebrated Portabella system, introducing a 10×10 touchscreen pin matrix in lieu of a physical one. Pin matrices – which make it easy to split a source to multiple outputs – open the door to many routings that would be hard to achieve on a patch bay of a similar size. With the Miasma’s pin matrix being touchscreen, you won’t even have to contend with physical and easy-to-lose pins.

The system’s modules include an oscillator, an envelope shaper section and a filter section. There are also two digital LFOs accessible through the touchscreen itself. Judging from Pin Electronics’ Instagram post, it appears that all the Miasma’s modules – bar the LFOs – will be analogue.

As for connectivity, there’s a CV input, a gate input, a mono output and a dedicated headphone output as well. Pin Electronics plans to roll the Miasma out in the second quarter of 2021, so there’s still a chance we might see some changes to the device in the lead up to its release.

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