The Norand Mono is a compact acid machine with insane modulation

This TB-303-inspired synth has modulation options galore.

Norand Mono

Image: Norand

Norand, a new music technology company from France, has debuted with the Mono, a compact monophonic synth with powerful modulation capabilities, along with some strong Roland TB-303 vibes.

Contextual Modulation, a term coined by the brand, is handled through the Mono’s X-Modulation section. It allows each of 20 parameters to be given its own envelope and audio-rate modulator for a slew of FM- and ring mod-type sounds across the device.

Engaging the feature is simple: touch a parameter knob you want to modulate, and twist an X-mod control (rate and amount). The X-Envelope section lets you adjust the attack and decay parameters in the same way.

The Mono also sports some far-reaching randomisation features for patterns, pitches, steps, parameters, accents, slides and – as a nuclear option – mod note, which can randomly set each synth and modulation parameter.

Other core features of the Mono include two oscillators with continuously variable wave shapes, a 3-pole state-variable filter (LP/BP/HP); a 64-step sequencer, and a mini keyboard.

Check out the Mono in action below:

The Norand Mono begins shipping in January and is available to pre-order now for €666 (usually €890).

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