is a social music-making app which helps “non-musicians” create their own tunes

There’s also a Tinder-like feature that lets you swipe on songs created by others. App Store Screenshot


With a simple interface and tasteful audio production tools, is a social music-making app that sets its sights on helping “non-musicians” produce and share musical ideas easily.

The app provides users with different voice filters, pre-produced beats and a near-endless supply of gifs supplied by GIPHY to pair with their tracks. It also features songwriting prompts – such as “make a song out of three words” or “what is your pet thinking about right now?” – to inspire on-the-spot creativity.

You can also interact with other creators through a Tinder-like feture that lets you swipe left or right on songs. If you really like it, you can leave a comment or remix it.

Ease-of-use and collaboration seem to be at the heart of, and its creation was spurred by co-founders Stefan Heinrich Henriquez and Akiva Bamberger noticing that “creative spaces with beginner-oriented tools did not exist.”

“So many aspiring artists with musical dreams stop producing due to the frustration of traditional audio software tools,” Bamberger said. “Focusing on the beginner and creating the most fun, fastest, and easiest way to make songs, is really important to allow more potential artists to express themselves.”

Henriquez and Bamberger aren’t strangers to social app development either, with the pair being alumni of TikTok, Snap, and Google. has since raised $4 million in seed funding from investors such as Greycroft, Chicago Ventures, T-Pain, and Night Media.

The app is currently available for iPhone users on the app store, but on an invite-only basis.

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