LEP’s Raymond Scott-inspired generative analogue groovebox, ArpoLoop, nears completion

The in-development Minimoog-inspired groovebox sees the addition of an eight step capacitor sequencer and a one octave keyboard

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LEPLoop Arpoloop

LEPLoop Arpoloop

Italian boutique synth brand Laboratorio Elettronico Popolare (LEP) is nearing the final stages in the development of its stunning generative analogue groovebox, ArpoLoop.

ArpoLoop, as you might already be able to spot, is inspired visually by Moog’s classic Minimoog synthesizer but with a funky blue and yellow colour scheme. Conceptually, it takes inspiration, according to LEP, from Raymond Scott, an electronic instrument inventor.

This final stage of ArpoLoop’s creation sees LEP add an eight-step capacitor sequencer and a one-octave keyboard to the unit.

LEPLoop Arpoloop
LEPLoop Arpoloop

What is it exactly? An analogue groovebox is a generative instrument that combines sequencing and melody creation features. The generative aspect involves inputting commands to the sequences algorithmically, resulting in generative music – a system that changes and evolves over time, as famously described by Brian Eno.

The groovebox is wholly analogue, meaning it has no digital components such as a microprocessor inside. This delivers an off-kilter, organic charm in its sound.

It’s split into six sections – a voice board, a ramp generator, a newly added capacitor sequencer, a note generator, a rhythmic generator, and a newly added octave keyboard.

There are four VCOs with different sets of features for each. VCO 1 and 3 create a sine wave with sync and FM. The second is a sine wave with FM and fourth VCO is a sine-square-sawtooth wave with an LFO option.

LEPLoop Arpoloop
LEPLoop Arpoloop

The analogue groovebox features include four cascadable VCAs controlled by an envelope generator or ring modulated by VCO 4, three AR envelope generators with three modes (gate, repeat, trig), a clock generator, and three ramp generators for general timing.

ArpoLoop also offers four rhythm generators for notes and drums, a note generator with two S&H CV outputs, a bass drum (CASSA) with pitch, resonance, and distortion, a snare drum with tom pitch and noise decay, and a six-channel audio mixer with individual outs for CASSA, snare, VCA1/2, and VCA 3/4.

According to LEP’s founder, Peppo Lasagna, Arpoloop’s “final shape” will follow the Minimoog with a foldable voice board. This voice board will be available also in euro rack format.

No release date has yet been revealed. Keep your eyes peeled on MusicTech for all the latest updates on this intriguing groovebox and head to leploop.org to learn about the brands other creations.


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