Jakob Haq’s Agonizer is a wob-derful new bass synth for iOS devices

A dark and gritty monobass that handles its “wobs” and “wubs” in style.

Jakob Haq and Numerical Audio's Agonizer

Image: Numerical Audio

Mobile music-maker and YouTuber Jakob Haq has teamed up with Numerical Audio to launch Agonizer, an aggressive new bass monosynth for iOS devices.

Agonizer is a wavetable synth that favours dark and gritty tones. It splits into three vertical parts: sound generators in the center; envelopes and an LFO up top, and the aptly-named Wobulator in the bottom.

On the sound generation side of things, a pair of wavetable oscillators – each with detuning, blending and sub-octave talents – routes through a mixer, distortion section, filter and chorus effects.

So what is the Wobulator section? Essentially it’s a powerful four-step LFO primed for all manner of wubbing and, indeed, wobbing.

For each step, you can assign an assortment of 21 distinct waveforms. On top of that, there’re also rate and repeat controls for musical sounding bass loops with a lot of motion. There is one more trick up the Wobulator’s sleeve, however.

Going into the modulation sources menu, you’ll find that each step of the Wobulator has an assignable output. This means that you can link each step to a different parameter of Agonizer for even more complex tones.

For a better idea of what these can sounds like, check out Haq’s demo of the Wobulator section (at the 8:47 mark) below:

Agonizer comes with 144 patches, each designed by Haq himself. The synth is playable either through the iPad touch screen itself, or through MIDI (with support for MPE as well).

You can find Agonizer for $9.99 on the App Store; in addition to a standalone edition, it supports the usual mobile formats: AUv3, IAA, Audiobus and Ableton Link.

Learn more at numericalaudio.com 

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