This studio rack intercom has room for your cigarettes (we’re serious)

Not a secret compartment, but a cigarette compartment…

Axxent MS 100 1 Channel Master Station

It’s not every day you see a piece of pro-audio gear designed with uh… the wider population in mind as is the case of the Axxent MS-100 intercom station, which features a dedicated storage space for your cigarettes.

Released in 1999 — a time where studios and venues were presumably more smoke-y than smoke-free — the MS-100 is a 19-inch, 1U single-channel intercom master station one can certainly describe as one-of-a-kind.

With a cigarette compartment located front and centre of the unit, makers of the MS-100 clearly had the everyday smoker in mind.

Designed for “safe” communication between members of the system operating staff, each unit also comes equipped with a 12V cigarette lighter which may also serve as power supply for potentially less hazardous activities like charging your phone or powering a mobile refrigerator.

Taking a page from the packaging of cigarette/ tobacco products, each unit also comes with a warning message that states “smoking is hazardous to your health”. Talk about showing care for the wellbeing of music-slash-smoking enthusiasts, huh?

According to the product’s listing on Thomann’s website, the MS-100 is currently still available for sale, though only on request which should tell us a thing or two about how times have changed in the live audio arena since then.

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