Audeze’s latest LCD-5 planar magnetic headphones are coming your way

At $4,500, the LCD-5 is Audeze’s most expensive offering to date.

Audeze LCD-5 headphone

Image: Audeze

California-based audio manufacturer Audeze has unveiled the LCD-5, its latest planar magnetic headphone in the flagship LCD reference line.

Audeze claims that “everything” from the headphone drivers to the earpads and frame design has been improved.

The LCD-5 uses drivers that feature Audeze’s own Parallel Uniforce voice coils and new magnet assembly, which it claims “lowers distortion” and improves “sonic resolution”. With an all-new design, the LCD-5 promises more precise imaging, a more open yet accurate soundstage, as well as improved frequency response.

Users can look forward to new acoustically designed leather earpads, an improved carbon fibre suspension headband, deep “tortoise shell” acetate rings, and an all-new magnesium housing.

Audeze LCD-5 Headphone Closeup

At just 420 grams, the LCD-5 is one third lighter than its 2015 predecessor, the LCD-4. Additionally, the LCD-5 features a huge reduction in impedance from 200 ohms down to 14 ohms. Each pair of headphones is hand-assembled in California, and comes with a premium audio cable made with high-purity copper as well as an aluminium travel case.

Audeze will be demoing the new headphones at Canjam Socal on 25 to 26 September at Irvine Marriott, and also at the Capital Audio Fest in November.

The LCD-5 is now available at $4,500 on Audeze’s website and through select dealers. Shipping Starts Early October 2021.

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