Arturia announces 50% software sale for its 20th Anniversary

Get Pigments, Analog Lab, Synthi V and many other software titles at half off.

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Image: Arturia

Arturia is celebrating its 20th anniversary with A Voyage Into Sound, a summer sale offering numerous software instrument and effects titles for 50% off. Music-makers can take advantage of this offer from 29 July to 12 August through the brand’s website.

Software instruments going for sale include Pigments, a synth combining virtual analogue and wavetable synthesis; Analog Lab, which culls together thousands of synth and keyboard sounds from the brand’s V Collection, as well as individual V Collection instruments such as Synthi V, Piano V and more.

15 effects title are also going on sale include filters (M12, Mini and SEM); preamps (1973, V76 and Trida); compressors (FET-76, TUBE-STA and VCA-65); delays (Eternity, Tape-201 and Memory Brigade), and reverbs (Plate-140, Spring-636 and Intensity).

Last month, Arturia also announced the limited edition Sound Explorer’s Collection, which collects the brand’s “most iconic” software titles in a special 20th anniversary external drive. Take a look below.

Check out Arturia’s 20th Anniversary Summer sale at 

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