denise audio God Mode brings distortion of biblical proportions

The plug-in is inspired by the push-pull technology found in the legendary 50s Pultec EQ

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denise god mode

“Let there be drive”, denise audio says, as it unleashes the wrath of its God Mode plug-in today. The new effect follows the friendly design of denise’s other Essentials plug-in series, namely Sweeper, Bad Tape and Perfect Room. God Mode uses push-pull technology from the legendary Pultec EQ to offer precise control over which frequencies to saturate and distort. The node EQ graph and linear phase filters can be used to shape the colour of your sound with ease.

It’s likely you’ve heard the Pultec EQ in sounds from the 70s and 80s, as it was used in mixdowns and broadcasts. The analogue passive tube EQ was made in the 50s, but was recognised later on for its push-pull technique in smoothing out frequencies. It worked by pushing the gain for a certain frequency into its tube circuit, then pulling it back down. God Mode uses the same technique, but adds warmth and crunch to the user-defined boosted frequencies.

God Mode is best used by firstly deciding which frequencies in your track or instrument that you wish to add distortion to. You can use multiple shelves to boost different frequency bands, with a Q parameter to hone in on specific frequencies. As the selected frequencies are being pushed harder into the saturation algorithm than the rest, they will naturally be affected more. Then, you can decide how much pull to apply to the boosted frequencies. Pull gives you control over the amount of colouration applied, and the option to create a nicely balanced frequency response for that instrument. “The result,” denise audio says, “is a beautifully saturated signal, specifically coloured according to the frequencies pushed”.

For recordings, God Mode’s live mode uses regular filters without latency instead of linear phase filters. A side-chain is on board to apply rhythmic ducks to the distortion, plus the ability to pan the wet and dry sides individually across the stereo image. Those of you familiar with Bad Tape may be pleased to know that the Tape Analog VMTM algorithm used in that plug-in has been applied to God Mode – although denise says this version is like Bad Tapes’s saturation “on steroids”.

God Mode is available now at an introductory price of €39. Find out more at

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