Slice up drums and make new kits easily using FL Studio’s SliceX

Learn the art of chopping up samples with FL Studio’s powerful stock tool.

FL Studio SliceX

Sometimes, the stock drum sounds in FL Studio might not be quite what you’re after. You might find that a drum loop from a sample pack has some great hits, but not quite the beat to fit your project. Happily, there’s an easy way to chop up individual drum hits and make your own beats.

In this FL Studio Tips video, Max Venus shows you how to use SliceX to transform a drum loop into a drum kit. You’ll learn how to manually slice up a loop into individual hits and programme those hits into a new pattern, either by drawing in MIDI information or playing them via your MIDI keyboard. You’ll also learn how to edit the samples with envelopes, filtering, pitching and more. You’ll also learn how to make SliceX automatically slice up a loop.

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In the first few videos we cover:

Max Venus has been using FL Studio for over a decade and has released music on various labels, including Liquicity, New State Music and GAWA Recordings, under multiple aliases. His current project is MXV, releasing progressive house tracks on MNL, Songspire Records, ZeroThree and more. He’s also written FL Studio tutorials for MusicTech.

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