Use compressor sidechain filtering to add mix glue without track pumping

You might know about sidechain compression but are you up on sidechain filtering? If not, learn the benefits now.

Logic Compressor Sidechain Filtering

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You’ve made a drum groove that you love and now you want to add a bit of “mix glue” to make your part feel cohesive. However, when you reach for the compressor to reduce peaks on the group, the kick seems to be triggering the compressor more than any other drum, making everything a bit “pumpy”. That’s when it’s time to get to grips with compressor sidechain filtering.

Although “sidechaining” is a term most commonly used to refer to triggering a compressor on one track with the signal from another, the sidechain feature can do much more. You can filter the signal that arrives in the compressor’s detector circuit, changing the way the compressor responds to incoming audio. So, for example, on a drum group or a mix, you can add that elusive mix glue without having your track pump on every kick drum hit.

In this tutorial, learn what all the parameters are and how to use them to best serve your productions.

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