Learn how MIDI Humanize can make your virtual instruments sound more realistic

We’re not robots, so it’s time to stop making robot music

Logic Pro MIDI Humanize

When inputting MIDI notes, the temptation to draw in notes or hit the quantise button is often too hard to resist. When things get a little too on-the-grid, instruments sound artificial and unrealistic. To keep things sound more natural, Logic Pro comes equipped with MIDI Humanize. This adds randomisations to the note placements for a more realistic performance. Of course, not everyone has access to a live orchestra, so this can be an extremely useful tool when using virtual instruments.

In this week’s Logic Pro Tips video, Jono Buchanan shows you how to apply MIDI Humanize and explains why you may want to use it in certain situations. He will show you its effect on a cohesive piece and demonstrates the use of Time Handles, too.

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Jono Buchanan is an Apple Certified instructor, with years of experience under his belt. As well as being a professor in Guildhall’s Electronic Music Department, he’s also a producer and media composer, and a trusted writer for MusicTech.

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