Learn how to tame sibilance in FL Studio with Maximus

And discover how you can use Edison to manually attenuate frequencies.

De-essing in FL Studio

When you compress a vocal, it helps control dynamics for a more professional result, but it also tends to accentuate ess sounds. To remedy this and create a vocal that feels more natural, you’d do well to reach for a de-esser, or a multi-band compressor.

This time, Max Venus shows you how to de-ess a vocal to tame sibilance, which can draw attention away from the performance and compete with other elements of your mix. You’ll learn how to use Maximus, FL Studio’s multiband compressor to achieve this, and how to use Edison to manually attenuate the frequencies within a vocal clip.

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In the first few videos we cover:

Max Venus has been using FL Studio for over a decade and has released music on various labels, including Liquicity, New State Music and GAWA Recordings, under multiple aliases. His current project is MXV, releasing progressive house tracks on MNL, Songspire Records, ZeroThree and more. He’s also written FL Studio tutorials for MusicTech.

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