Learn how Ableton Link can sync your apps and help you collaborate with friends

Realtime communication between synths and different computers running Live is easily achieved thanks to a simple feature.

Ableton Live Link

It sometimes feels like the internet has ended the era of going to a friend’s house to play video games. Thankfully, many of us still hang out with our friends to make and play music together, and Ableton Live has cleverly implemented a feature that makes local real-time collaboration a breeze. Link lets you jam with other systems with Live installed, as well as the ability to hook up any music-making apps and hardware to a host computer to perform in sync. Not only can this be a fun feature to tinker with, but it could prove essential for performances on stage.

In this Ableton Live Tutorial, MusicTech Expert Liam O’Mullane shows you how to set up Link and explains how useful it can be in a variety of environments.

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