My Forever Studio S4 Ep11: Maylee Todd’s Tenori-On lures celebrities

We peer inside the innovative imagination of one of Stones Throw’s most intriguing producers.

Maylee Todd

Image: Joe Fuda

Multi-talented Canadian musician, producer and 3D artist Maylee Todd joins Chris Barker and Will Betts on the 50th episode of the My Forever Studio podcast brought to you in partnership with EVO by Audient.

Maylee has just released her concept album, MALOO, on Stones Throw, where she performs as a self-animated avatar of the same name. It’s truly weird and wonderful. As she says, “MALOO takes place in the age of energy where species communicate through frequency. MALOO – part AI Avatar and part human Maylee – has their own challenges with identity; breaking up with parts of themself and showing vulnerability before identification while travelling to conscious programmable planets.”

This episode of My Forever Studio is full of unusual and hilarious twists and turns. Find out how a laundry mishap nearly destroyed a prized piece of studio gear, how she comes up with voices for characters in video games, and which of her beloved instruments she would never sell, even to Randy Jackson.

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The My Forever Studio podcast in partnership with EVO by Audient sees artists, producers and engineers create their dream fantasy Forever Studio, wherever they want in the universe. However, there are strict rules in the Forever Studio. Our guests are permitted a limited number of items in their creative space, so they must choose carefully. There will be nostalgia. There will be anecdotes. There may be gags. But there will be no bundles!


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