Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro X Limited Edition: Iconic studio headphones updated for the brand’s centenary

These legendary workhorse headphones grace countless studios, but can they still compete in today’s digital world?

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Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro X Limited Edition

Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro X Limited Edition

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Rugged, great-sounding studio cans
They handle anything you throw at them
Extremely good value
More repairable than the regular edition
Crazy stereo separation

They lack the bass for more enjoyable casual listening


There are some pro audio products that have, over many years, become a part of the landscape, so widely used are they in studios around the world. You could count Yamaha’s iconic NS10 monitors and Shure’s SM58 microphone among these, and also, Beyerdynamic’s DT 770 Pro studio monitor headphones. First introduced way back in 1985, they quickly became a benchmark for general-purpose listening, tough enough to withstand the rigours of everyday use but also reliable and detailed enough to command the confidence of musicians and producers. If you’ve ever worked in a studio there’s a good chance that a pair have graced your ears.

Price was always a factor in their popularity too. While it’s possible to spend thousands on headphones, Beyer asks far less for these cans. This Pro X Limited Edition, celebrating a century since the company was founded and bearing a special decal to that effect, costs just $199, with the regular version widely available for around $119. It is, in the grand scheme of things, not a lot of money for such a crucial component of your studio. So can they still cut it all these years later?

The headphones are light in weight at a shade over 300 grams, with comfortable cushioned ear pads and a grip that is secure but not overly tight. With studio ‘phones these factors are even more important than with regular ones since you are likely to be wearing them for much longer periods – hours of tracking, recording or mixing will exacerbate any comfort niggles but these are very pleasant to wear even for long periods. Their closed-back design, essential to prevent bleed during recording, does make them a little warmer to wear than open-backed models but not to any problematic extent.

DT 770 Pro X Limited Edition
DT 770 Pro X Limited Edition

One difference from the regular edition is that this limited model has a detachable cable that terminates at one end with a 3.5 mm / 6.3 mm jack (via the bundled adapter) and at the other in a mini XLR that plugs securely into one of the cups. The regular model is hard wired which can be a problem when you suddenly forget yourself and start to move away from the desk, likely yanking the wire free. That can still happen here of course though you now have the freedom to unplug at the headphone end and the wire will be easier to replace should disaster strike. The cable itself is suitably lengthy at 3 metres to cope with the various tasks that might be asked of it in regards to being a bit further away from your interface or desk.

The other big new feature is the newly-developed STELLAR.45 driver system that we previously experienced in earlier Pro X models. This uses a three-layer speaker diaphragm and a new neodymium ring magnet. It’s designed to perform on a variety of devices, recognising the fact that most of us switch fairly frequently between a mixing desk, a portable interface, an iPad, laptop and so on. As such it also has a relatively low impedance of just 48 Ohms and is able to push out plenty of volume even when connected directly to smaller devices like tablets.

There’s a staggering frequency response of 5 Hz – 40 kHz which is significantly wider than the human ear can detect – but also means you can be sure that you are hearing the widest range your ears can manage and that the phones aren’t failing to reproduce anything at the bottom or top ends.

DT 770 Pro X Limited Edition in use during recording
DT 770 Pro X Limited Edition in use during recording

Your experience of these headphones will depend on what you are using them for. They are, first and foremost, studio headphones but as well as tracking instruments they are also intended for general production listening (arranging, editing and so on) as well as other work like making podcasts or playback while editing video. All kinds of creative work, in other words. As such they are designed to give you an accurate picture of your audio and not colour it. In this, they succeed spectacularly. The soundstage is incredible – there’s no fancy spatial audio or digital tricks, it’s all analogue and stereo, and the separation and placement of sounds is superb; far better than you might expect at this price.

The frequency reproduction too is magnificent, with crisply rendered mid and high frequencies and a bass end that’s tight, rich and accurate, and more well defined than some much more expensive phones can manage. It’s in the bass that you’ll notice the difference between working and listening for pleasure. Feeding the phones a flat signal (i.e. no EQ applied), the low end can seem slightly subdued compared to what you might be used to from your wireless earbuds, but this is actually an accurate portrayal of the uncoloured sound. And that’s what you want when tracking, editing and mixing.

DT 770 Pro X Limited Edition in use during music production
DT 770 Pro X Limited Edition in use during music production

Using these phones for pleasure listening to our music library, we find some value in adding a little low end via EQ which helps balance things out a bit, especially as vocals that were very strong in the mid range could otherwise seem to dominate a little at higher volumes. You may disagree – and they still sound excellent with no tweaking – but as always it’s a matter of personal preference. One thing that really strikes you whether you’re listening from an interface or a laptop is the sheer volume they can pump out and that they don’t struggle or distort even when you push them hard.

With more people than ever making music on the move or in small spaces, perhaps at home, a really good pair of comfortable headphones is an absolute must. With their mini XLR plug, rugged build and longer cable, the DT 770 Pro X also fit the bill for more prolonged studio work. They are tremendous workhorse cans that sound superb across any genre you throw at them, provide an accurate sense of what’s really going on in your music and with their excellent frequency and stereo response also make for very enjoyable phones for general listening.

At this price they have always been, and remain, a very easy recommendation and something of a steal.

DT 770 Pro X Limited Edition
DT 770 Pro X Limited Edition

Key features

  • Closed, circumaural design
  • 45 mm STELLAR dynamic transducer
  • Frequency response of 5 Hz – 40 kHz
  • Detachable mini XLR to 3.5 mm / 6.3 mm cable
  • 112 dB maximum SPL
  • 48 Ohms impedance
  • Less than 0.05 % total harmonic distortion
  • Weight: 305 g
  • Comes with drawstring carry bag

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