Review: NoiseAsh SpeakerSim

A simple but effective sound-design tool, with some decent speaker emulations to add character to your audio.

NoiseAsh SpeakerSim

Price $29.90
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SpeakerSim key features:

  • 18 speaker and environment emulations
  • Megaphones, radios, vintage turntables and more
  • 2-bit/64-bit VST, AU and AAX plug-in
  • Lo-fi distortion and limiter
  • 3-band EQ plus LP/HP filters

SpeakerSim is a new plug-in effect from NoiseAsh that contains 18 emulations of different speakers and acoustic environments. These include some out-of-the-ordinary devices, such as megaphones, an answering machine, walkie talkie, vintage phone, car radio and more.

You can further shape the sound with additional lo-fi distortion, a limiter, and a basic but effective EQ. SpeakerSim sounds especially good on vocals and drums and you can use the Dry/Wet slider to morph the timbre of your audio, or simulate testing a mix on different speakers.

We had a few minor niggles, such as the GUI being a bit too small, some of the emulations being a little too quiet, and the distortion effect sounding pretty nasty when set to full.

These things aside though, it’s an easy-to-use sound-design tool and the emulations are all high-quality creations and very characterful. At the current price of $29.90, it’s a good value plug-in for quick sound-design duties, although we’re told the price may potentially be increasing soon.


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