“Studio-grade professional” OEPLAY Music Star 5 speaker exceeds fundraising target by £200k

The OEPLAY Music Star 5 Hi-Fi speaker set an initial target of $10,000 for its crowdfunding campaign. $227,048 later, will it deliver?

OEPLAY-Star-5 speaker

The Indiegogo campaign for a new speaker design from OEPLAY, the OEPLAY Music Star 5 Hi-Fi speaker, has exceeded its crowdfunding campaign target by a whopping 2270 per cent, with three days left until fundraising closes on 1 October 2022.

The campaign initially sought $10,000 to fund the development of the hi-fi speaker, which promises a breakthrough design featuring an AMT tweeter, lossless audio and a super wide frequency response. It has at the time of writing, however, accrued a whopping $227,048 from a total of 320 backers.

The Music Star 5’s frequency response of 33Hz to 55kHz exceeds the range of human hearing, which extends to around 22kHz. This, the company promises, reduces high frequency roll-off and clearer sound. The speaker’s high-performance AMT pneumatic tweeter and powerful bass together have all the makings of a premium home audio system.

“Comparing several high-quality wireless Bluetooth speakers on the market, I found that almost none of the current speaker systems that use ball-top trebles would perform the key details of the music, said OEPLAY founder Ansion Wong. “This inspired me to create the OEPLAY Hi-Fi speaker with a powerful AMT tweeter to ensure high-quality acoustic performance.”

Deployable individually or in pairs, the Music Star 5 offers Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, optical and 3.5mm aux inputs and accepts a USB drive for device-less music playback. It even comes with a playlist-selecting remote.

Another major asset to the Music Star 5 is bound to be its price. At $469 per speaker, it promises to challenge products retailing at more than double its price from companies like Bang & Olufsen and JBL. Its aesthetic design certainly stands up next to those of its sleek-looking competitors, with a golden-ratio inspired spherical shape and hand-polished piano paint finish.

For more information about the OEPLAY Hi-Fi speaker head to the campaign’s Indiegogo page.


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