EarFun unveils a new wireless speaker, the UBOOM L

Deeper frequency range and enhanced digital signal processing are among the speaker’s new features.

UBOOM L HERO 1500X2000

MusicTech hasn’t checked in with EarFun since the company released its Air Pro 2 headphones last year; a product Musictech found to be formidable in both performance and value for money. The latest release from the company to promise significant bang-for-buck is the UBOOM L wireless speaker: A larger, enhanced version of the UBOOM that EarFun debuted back in 2019, the UBOOM boasts a widened speaker diaphragm and improved digital signal processing (DSP) technology, alongside an updated set of user features.

Sound quality has clearly been a focus when it comes to the UBOOM L, which accompanies its larger woofers with dual passive radiators, tuned to help achieve deeper frequencies that flow compatibly with the upper-frequency ranges. The result, says, EarFun, is enchanted depth and definition in the bass and sub-bass frequency bands without unwanted distortion, and a wide, deep stereo image thanks to EarFun’s proprietary (and fun to say) ‘JumboBass’ technology.

As with the previous UBOOM, EarFun encourages the connection of two UBOOM L speakers to achieve “true wireless stereo.” Upon connection, two speakers are automatically assigned left and right channels respectively. It’s also possible to toggle between Indoor and Outdoor modes; Indoor mode delivers fuller bass, while Outdoor mode focuses on providing louder volume to cut through open air. Outdoor mode also optimises battery life, promising up to 16 hours on a single charge via USB-C. The UBOOM L is also IPX7 certified waterproof, and Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity ensures a connection between devices at up to 100ft, so you really can take it anywhere.

EarFun’s head of the product development department Rocky Deng said: “[The] EarFun UBOOM L is our delicate gift to the world. Surpassing our award-winning model UBOOM launched 2 years ago, it’s meant to deliver our EarFun signature bass sound to all the music lovers and get all the party people dancing. With all-new dual 55mm diaphragms achieving greater volume levels while delivering an expansive soundstage for full immersion, UBOOM L […] accommodates all-night revelry or outdoor use.”

The EarFun UBOOM L will be available globally from mid-July 2022, with an MSRP of £69.99 / $79.99 / €79.99. An Early Bird Special is available now, offering a limited discount of 25%. Find out more at myearfun.com.


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