Record and analyse your performances with zplane deCoda 1.1. transcription software

It also adds plug-in support, and includes a special version of Amplitube 4 LE.

zplane decoda

zplane decoda

Users of zplane.development’s deCoda can now play along to songs with their own instruments – thanks to a new and free version 1.1 update.

The update adds support for audio input, as well as for external plug-ins. Included also is a special edition of IK Multimedia’s Amplitube 4 LE, with four extra models to get you started. Apart from that, users can now export chord analysis to MIDI or in the ChordPro format.

deCoda is a music learning software aimed at helping musicians learn songs quickly. Users can drop in a track to have its chords, song structure and tempo analysed automatically. Keys can also be transposed on-the-fly, and users can slow down a song’s tempo for in-depth practice. With Focus EQ, users can also isolate specific frequencies for practice.

Check out zplane’s trailer for the update below:

Existing users of deCoda can download the update at

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