Demo: Yamaha marks a first with the YC61 drawbar keyboard

The keyboard has been designed with organ players in mind.

Image: Yamaha

NAMM 2020: Yamaha has unveiled the YC61 – its first stage keyboard to feature real drawbars.

Developed specifically with organ players in mind, the 61-note YC61’s organ profile is powered by Yamaha’s Virtual Circuit Modelling technology, designed to recreate the behaviour of all the transistors and resistors of real tonewheel and drawbar circuits. As an added feature, the drawbars are optimised for haptic feedback and are are partially transparent so that users can easily read the LED indicators underneath.

The YC61 also comes with non-organ elements like two concert grands (the CFX and S700), electric pianos (including FM models) and synths. Also included is a modelled rotary speaker. A simple, no-frills control layout promotes easy usability and the keyboard itself features a lightweight and compact construction that’s well-suited to the travelling musician.

The Yamaha YV61 will be available in June for $2,000 (£2,015). For more information, click here.

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