Waves’ WRC WiFi Stage Router is shipping now, despite a severe lack of live gigs

The wireless router would be ideal for on-stage environments – if there were any.

Waves WRC -1

Waves Audio has made a somewhat questionable move this week by announcing the shipping of its WRC-1 WiFi Stage Router. The rack-mountable wireless router is designed for live music applications such as on-stage in-ear-monitor control. It hooks up neatly to the Waves MyMon in-ear monitor mixing app, as well as other live audio setups that need a robust wifi connection.

The WRC-1 is built with some more live sound-specific features to go beyond the functionality of a standard router. This includes its rack-mount design, rugged and robust industrial build, and a stronger RF distribution for dependable and steady communication. You’ll also have access to basic router management software to control common features, plus access to advanced configuration features via a free firmware package.

To be frank, this wouldn’t be the most exciting product from Waves regardless of the current situation of live music. But considering gigs are unfortunately like gold dust right now in light of COVID-19, it feels like an odd time to be releasing the WRC-1. Still, some live engineers may want to stock up in preparation for the long-awaited return to live music.

To learn more, visit waves.com

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