MT Exclusive: Watch VNCCII’s cyberspace avatar break down the production techniques of i-LIBERATE

The Holoship Studio Session sees the V-Tuber talk about the plug-ins and processes on the new track

VNCCII i-Liberate

VNCCII has released i-LIBERATE, a futuristic dance anthem from her upcoming debut album, VNCCII And The New Renaissance. To celebrate the release, she and her V-Tuber avatar have created a track breakdown exclusively for MusicTech, offering insights into her production techniques for vocals, synths, drums and drops.

The track breakdown takes place in Holoship Studio, a virtualised version of VNCCII’s home studio, complete with Raven MTi2-style screens, a Novation Launchpad, Ableton Push, and an array of synths. VNCCII gives you a look inside her original Ableton Live Set, showing the original recordings, processing chains and song arrangement.

Check out the Holoship Studio Session below:

Speaking on the release, VNCCII described i-LIBERATE as a futuristic dance anthem about intrinsic empowerment, self-expression and humanity’s liberation.

“It emphasises my passion for writing and singing hooks, fused with a cool dance beat,” she said. “Thematically, it accompanies the story of my Super Sentient A.I SuperHeroine avatar, with the mission to liberate and save humanity.

“From a storytelling perspective, these human-centric technologist and futurist ideals are a strong motif for my upcoming album and opus surrounding the VNCCII avatar story.”

i-LIBERATE was mixed and mastered by Luca Pretolesi from Studio DMI, who has credits on music by Steve Aoki, Diplo, and Major Lazer, among others. Luca also mixed and mastered all of the songs on VNCCII’s upcoming album. You can check out our studio tour with Luca here.

Alongside creating her debut album, VNCCII has also started a V-Tuber show, Future Humans 3.0. On the show, VNCCII talks with industry pros in the music technology space, including Cathy Hackl (known as the Godmother of the Metaverse), CitizenMetaOne, Teddy Pahagbia and more. The V-Tuber set up in the VNCCII virtual Holoship studio also enables the Aussie artist to produce music and DJ live in the studio.

In our studio interview with VNCCII in 2020, she told us: “Often the best music I’ve ever made is when I don’t care what anyone else thinks and I don’t think about where it fits into society.

Don’t be afraid to get uncomfortable. Reverse engineer the greats – they are your best teachers. Listen to everything and don’t restrict yourself to making music in one lane. I find it boring listening to the same genre all day.

You don’t have to follow the script or trodden path for how a track is supposed to be made. The coolest moments are when you don’t plan creativity and a synth randomly generates a cool sound that can be a launchpad for an entire track.”