Universal Audio announces first-ever line of studio microphones

The company has unveiled a wide range of models, set for release throughout 2022.

Universal Audio mic

In a major step, Universal Audio has announced its entry into the microphone market. After decades as a leading developer of high-end recording hardware, software plug-ins and guitar products, UA Microphones is now officially a part of the company’s range of products. The line will feature a range of brand new models: the SD-1 Dynamic and SP-1 Condenser pair, the Sphere L22 and also a line of hand-built tube and FET mics under the UA Bock brand.

The range’s Standard Series is described by the company as “two workhorse models with convenient Apollo interface presets”. The $299 SD-1 Dynamic Microphone is a broadcast-style mic geared toward close-miked speech, vocal, and instrument recording, featuring a cardioid polar pattern and selectable low cut and articulation boost switches. The $399 SP-1 Condenser Microphone, meanwhile, is toted by UA as their flagship pair of pencil microphones, aimed at stereo acoustic instruments, drums and live performances and designed to reject off-axis audio and background noise.

The $1,499 Sphere L22 Modelling Microphone is a large-diaphragm modelling condenser mic that pairs a dual-capsule design for stereo or blended mono recording with mic modelling technology. Says UA of the model, “When combined with the UAD Sphere L22 plug-in, users can get the sound of 34 sought-after ribbon, condenser, and dynamic microphones.”

Universal audio microphones

The as-yet unpriced UA Bock Series is described by UA as “a premium line of tube and solid-state condenser mics.” Designed by “mic guru” David Bock and hand-built in Santa Cruz, California, the range looks to be the company’s most directive entrant into the world of high-end studio microphones. The series will consist of the UA Bock 187, a Cardioid FET condenser microphone for vocals, instruments, and guitar amps; the UA Bock 167, a multi-pattern tube condenser microphone for vocals, acoustic instruments, drums, and voiceovers and the UA Bock 251, a multi-pattern tube condenser microphone for lead vocals, choir and stringed orchestral instruments.

The prices for each of the Bock mics are as follows:

  • UA Bock 187 – $1,249 USD
  • UA Bock 167 – $2,999 USD
  • UA Bock 251 – $5,999 USD

The SD-1 is available now, while the SP-1 is set for release this summer. The UA Bock Series will be available this autumn. Head to uaudio.com to find out more.