Collaborate with anyone, anywhere with VST Connect Pro 5

Steinberg’s newest iteration boasts video integration and MIDI support

Steinberg VST Connect Pro 5

One positive thing we might be able to draw from the pandemic is the acceleration and adaption of live streaming, allowing us to continue creating and sharing music from afar. Steinberg is doing its bit with the fifth iteration of VST Connect Pro. The remote recording plug-in facilitates online collaborations producers, with version 5 introducing video streaming for Cubase 9.5 and Nuendo 8 or higher.

VST Connect Pro 5 is capable of recording up to 16 channels at a resolution of 192kHz in real-time. Your performer will be able to share audio and video with you via the license-free VST Connect Performer app, with all their recordings saved to their local hard drive. This is useful if internet connectivity is limited, allowing the musician to reload the saved audio into VST Connect Pro at any time, with unique data encryption to keep files safe.

Video streaming is achieved via the video track in Cubase or Nuendo to VST Connect Performer, allowing the artist using VST Connect Performer to watch and play in time with the stream. Timecode, time, bars and beats of the Cubase or Nuendo project are also displayed for optimum synchronisation. This allows you to accurately record audio from musicians, vocalists and voice actors, potentially making the plug-in ideal for film scoring, language dubbing, composition for video and more in a COVID-19 era.

VST Connect Pro 5 boasts MIDI and VST3 support, letting you record MIDI and audio data from a VST instrument loaded in VST Connect Performer. This means your collaborator can connect a MIDI controller and perform whilst you apply the MIDI data to your own virtual instruments. You can also send MIDI data from your Cubase project to your performer and record the audio from their VST instrument back into your project.

VST Connect Pro 5 is currently on an introductory offer of £128, with an upgrade from version 4 costing £32. Collaborators can download VST Connect Performer from the Steinberg website for free.

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