Spitfire Audio’s Intimate Strings brings inspiring sounds in an affordable package

Delicate, emotional and cinematic strings for just £29.

Spitfire Audio Intimate Strings

London’s most revered virtual instrument creator, Spitfire Audio, builds on its Originals series with Intimate Strings. Recorded at the legendary AIR Studios, the instrument comes with a low price tag but with sounds that could make your arrangements rich and moving.

Spitfire’s Originals collection is designed to give music-makers the essential tools they need to create professional-sounding pieces. Immediately accessible to both beginners and advanced users, Intimate Strings is housed in Spitfire’s free proprietary plug-in, which is compatible in any DAW. Producers can swiftly adjust the mix of Close, Tree and Vintage signal chains, which allows some real fine-tuning of the overall sound. The Vintage chain combines tape saturation, spring reverb and EQ for instant old-school flavours. Plus, overall controls for Reverb, Release and Tightness can be deployed for further sound shaping.

Intimate Strings is derived from Albion II Loegria – owners of this software will immediately receive Intimate Strings for free. It combines the recordings of a chamber-sized (8, 6, 4, 4, 3) string section comprised of 25 world-class musicians, with detailed articulations and techniques. There are nine extended techniques in total, including Long Flautando, Long Half-Section and Long Harmonics, to name a few.

For those unconvinced that such an affordable piece of software is capable of achieving high-quality results, check out the video below. Spitfire audio’s Homay Schmitz uses Intimate Strings and Cinematic Soft Piano to create a short arrangement with depth, dynamics and delicacy.

Spitfire Audio’s Intimate Strings is available now for £29. Find out more at spitfireaudio.com

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