Demo: Sonicware’s Liven 8bit Warps does more than retro chiptune sounds

At $200, the Liven 8bit Warps also includes an integrated step sequencer and four wave memory synth engines.

soniceware liven namm 2020 demo

NAMM 2020: Sonicware has debuted Liven 8bit Warps – a portable synth that shares the same DNA as the company’s ELZ-1.

The 27-key Liven 8bit Warps is primarily designed for retro chiptune sounds, although Sonicware claims that the synth is versatile enough to handle a wide variety of electronic music genres. The synth also comes with a built-in step sequencer and four wave memory synth engines. Users can select from either Poly, Mono, Legato or Unison modes, and a 16-knob front panel layout provides plenty of control over each parameter.

In addition to having an arpeggiator, the Liven 8bit Waprs also has a sequencer that helpfully offers parameter locks for each step. For connecting to the rest of your studio, it has MIDI, sync I/O and stereo audio line outputs I/O.

Other features include a looper, 128-patch and waveform memory, octave shift, pitch blend, swing control and a built-in speaker.

With a price tag of only $200, the Liven 8bit Warps’ value is impressive. A total weight of 790g also makes the synth a good pick for musicians on the go. It accepts power from either 9V DC or 6 AA batteries, allowing musicians to go cord-free if they so wish.

The Sonicware Liven 8bit Warps is currently open for funding on Kickstarter. For more information, click here.

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