Balance your mix “with a single click” using Sonible’s AI-powered smart:EQ 3

Simultaneously process up to six tracks at a time with 24 filters, M/S processing, smart states and more.

Sonible Smart:EQ 3

Sonible’s latest AI-powered plug-in is smart:EQ 3, touted as “the world’s first multitrack EQ”. It’s capable of analysing multiple audio tracks to create spectral balance and remove unwanted resonances.

smart:EQ 3 sports a similar interface to its predecessor, smart:EQ 2, with a new Group View that uses cross-channel processing to correct clashing frequencies of up to six tracks. With Group View, you can arrange your analysed tracks into a three-layer hierarchy to decide which will shine at the forefront and which will play a supporting role. You may want to place vocals at the top of the hierarchy, for example, which is easily achieved with a drag-and-drop functionality. This can be bypassed for quick A/B checking.

Sonible’s smart:engine is built into the plug-in to enable AI-assisted processing. According to the Austrian software developer, the AI system is built on signal statistics, psychoacoustic principles and hands-on mixing experience, with specific profiles for audio sources. Thanks to these features, tracks can be analysed with “a single click”, Sonible says.

After selecting a preset profile for an instrument, such as keys or drums, the smart:engine kicks in to listen to the audio, learn its properties, and automatically apply a smart:filter. The smart:filter rapidly creates spectral balance and enhances the tone of the selected instrument. You can then fine-tune the parameters of the filter to your taste, along with the option to choose from up to 24 standard filters. Mid/side processing is available, too.

A Dynamic parameter has been added to the smart:filter, which enables the filter to dynamically adapt to the incoming source material. This is accessible via the filter widget windows. Along with these features comes the liner phase and zero-latency filters for live EQing and audio post-production.

Sonible’s smart:EQ 3 is available now at an introductory price of €89. You’ve got plenty of time to snap this up, as the price moves to €129 on 7 June 2021.

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