SampleScience gives away a piano plug-in ideal for lo-fi beats

Room Piano v3 gives you lightweight piano sounds with a nice room ambience

SampleScience Room Piano v3

Another month, another free SampleScience plug-in. This time, we’re being gifted Room Piano v3, an upgrade to the brand’s Room Piano 1 and 2, offering a lightweight piano sound that is touted as a perfect instrument for hip-hop oriented sub-genres.

This version of Room Piano boasts twice as many samples as its v2 predecessor, along with an updated user interface. Comprising 60MB of sounds, the plug-in features a room reverb, naturally, along with some features that can be found throughout SampleScience’s range. This includes a Multi-LFO, high-pass/low-pass filter, ADSR controls for amplitude and parameters for preamp and glide.

It’s often hard to say no to free plug-ins, particularly some of SampleScience’s library. But, unfortunately, Apple users will have to let this one pass them by. Room Piano v3 is available as a 64-bit VST plug-in for Windows 8.1 and 10 only. So, if you’re a Windows user, this is surely worth a go if you’re in need of some soft piano sounds.

Download Room Piano v3 at SampleScience also has a new website at

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