Rob Papen’s new bundles offer huge savings on synths and effects

Expand your plug-in collection with bundles for an array of genres

Rob Papen Bundles

EDM-X, Urban-X and Sound Design-X are brand new plug-in bundles from Rob Papen, with each one saving you over 50% on individual products, with as much as 87% savings if you own one of the products. Unsurprisingly, each bundle is catered toward a different style of music, comprised of the plug-ins that Rob Papen thinks would work best for each.

EDM-X is designed to provide the necessary tools, synths and effects for producers working with contemporary EDM music. It’s comprised of Predator 2, RAW, RAW-Kick, XY-Transfer and RP-AMOD.

Urban-X is geared towards hip-hop, trap and RnB styles of music, “designed to inspire and speed up the process of Urban music creation”, Rob Papen says. The plug-ins in this bundle include SubBoomBass 2, Punch 2, Punch BD, MasterMagic and RP-AMOD.

The Sound Design-X bundle isn’t specifically made for any genre or style, but will allow you to endlessly experiment and craft unique new sounds, with six synths and effects plug-ins to get you designing huge, complex sounds. Blue II, Punch 2, Punch, Punch BD, Blade, RP-AMOD and Prisma are included in this bundle.

The prices are as follows:

  • EDM-X – £149
  • Urban-X – £125
  • Sound Design-X – £165

Existing Rob Papen fans who own one of the eligible included products can take advantage of a special upgrade price which saves a huge 87%. These bundles are available until June 2020.

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