Rigid Audio gives away Metawave, a cinematic granular synth for Kontakt

It packs four engines, each with a 64-step sequencer, reverb effects and more

Rigid Audio Metawave

Image: Rigid Audio

Rigid Audio is giving away Metawave, a granular synth for Kontakt, at no cost to its newsletter subscribers.

The synth puts an emphasis on cinematic sounds and comes preloaded with 64 presets. You’re also able to conjure up your own sounds by assigning a selection of 64 source sounds onto the four available engines.

Playing a note on Metawave makes it cycle through its four engines in sequence, from A to D. There are also two 64-step sequencers onboard.

Granular shaping is performed through a series of parameter knobs: Flux adjusts how fasts layers cycle; spread alters the stereo position of all four engines; detune introduces minuscule pitch differences for greater thickness, and length decides how long a single grain is.

Finally, to finish off your sound, there are independent reverb, flair and flanger effects for each engine. Alternatively, you could also leave it up to chance and randomise your entire preset.

Check out Metawave in action below:

Last June also saw the Berlin-based software developers dish out Viego, a Kontakt instrument that offers soundscaping through 256 deep and spacious pads.

Learn more at rigid-audio.com

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