Reloop RMX-10BT lets you hook up a smartphone via Bluetooth.

Forgot to bring your new music to your DJ gig? Reloop might have you covered.

Reloop RMX10BT front panel

The Reloop RMX-10BT DJ mixer is a 2-channel DJ mixer in a compact design, allowing for wireless music streaming thanks to a built-in Bluetooth interface. This means you can connect a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or other Bluetooth enabled audio playback device as a source, routing the signal through the mixer. A handy Bluetooth section on the left of the front panel features a Pairing button, and switches above Channels 1 and 2 allow selection between Phono, CD or Bluetooth input.

RMX-10BT’s line faders are smooth-running, designed for a more comfortable mix and the 45mm crossfader is user-replaceable. Each channel features individual gain control and 3-band EQ, adjusting frequencies at 100Hz, 1kHz and 10kHz. The mixer is built with a 6.3mm mic input, with a dedicated volume adjustment. A 6.3mm headphone output is also adjustable with Cue Vol and Cue Mix knobs.

Master output levels are displayed on LED strips on the right-hand side of the panel. Reloop has designed the RMX-10 to not only be space-saving, but also durable with a metal casing. Coming it at a low price tag and just in time for Christmas, this may appeal to many DJs on a budget.

Reloop RMX-10BT is available from mid-December, priced at 120€/US$30/£100. Find out more at


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