Create randomised, algorithmic acid music with Vitling’s The Endless Acid Banger

This infinite rave is made possible with a Roland TR-909 and TB-303 emulation.

The Endless Acid Banger

The Endless Acid Banger is a new browser-based beatmaker that, staying true to its name, algorithmically generates an endless number of acid house patterns.

Created by Vitling, an independent software developer, The Endless Acid Banger comprises two Roland TB-303 emulations and a TR-909 emulation. The two 303 engines can be modified with filter cutoff, resonance, envelope modulation and decay; the 909 is slightly more restricted, with the option to mute the bass drum, open hat, closed hat and snare drum.

The elephant in the room is that you’re unable to manually input notes and patterns into the grids for the instruments to play back. Instead, the Autopilot and Notegen functions do the heavy lifting here.

Autopilot is used to define which elements of The Endless Acid Banger are manipulated. Alter Patterns will decide whether the algorithm switches up the 303 and 909 patterns; turn on Twiddle With Knobs for automatic modulation of the various parameters; Mute Drum Parts will periodically switch off elements of the 909.

Roland TR-909, vintage
Roland TR-909

If you hit the refresh button on Notegen, the defined notes for 303 patterns will change. For example, if the notes in the Notegen box are E2 and E3, the patterns will only play those notes. You can immediately change a pattern on the 303 or 909 engines by hitting the refresh button on the left of the sequencer.

A dry/wet and feedback knob are housed next to Notegen to control the amount of delay applied to the two 303s. A BPM dial lets you manually adjust the tempo of The Endless Acid Banger.

Vitling has made his project free to use and has uploaded the source code to Github. To thank him for his work, he says you can buy music from his various music projects or sponsor his Github.

These addictive, playful browser-based acid-making engines seem to be in vogue. In October 2020, Roland teamed up with A Guy Called Gerald to create, which puts a TB-808 and a TR-303 side by side for instant playability of acid house music.

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