Noise Engineering releases modules Polydactyl Versio and Tymp Legio and a game-changing platform

The two new modules boast interchangeable firmware with other modules on their respective Versio and Legio platforms.

Polydactyl Versio and Tymp Legio

LA-based developer Noise Engineering has announced two new hardware Eurorack modules – Polydactyl Versio and Tymp Legio – plus a new concept that could see the functionality of hardware modules expand considerably.

Polydactyl Versio is a stereo multiband dynamics processor and Tymp Legio is a percussion module. But, as is often the case with Noise Engineering products, there is more to these modules than first meets the eye.

Polydactyl Versio is a 10HP stereo multiband dynamics processor that can also apply multiband saturation, noise gating and limiting. “Equally at home on single-instrument timbral processing and on end-of-chain gloss and mix cohesion,” says the company, “Polydactyl Versio is sure to be love-at-first-patch for anyone looking to zest up their mix. Polydactyl applies a unique and transparent algorithm across three adjustable bands for maximal dynamic impact.”

Tymp Legio is a percussion module designed to facilitate fun and intuitive drum sound design. The module, in the developer’s words, “is inspired by the Noise Engineering team’s love of all types of bang/crash/kick/boom sounds. This is not your normal drum-kit module with samples or simple emulations, though. Instead, they took the challenge of a small percussion module as an opportunity to fit the drums they wanted quick access to in 6hp.” [sic]

The modules are both part of Noise Engineering’s new platform, which means that owners of any Versio or Legio module can swap the firmware to any other firmware for that platform at the Noise Engineering Customer Portal, for free. Printable panel overlays are also available.

The Versio platform is designed as a “shapeshifting effects platform,” says Noise Engineering. “Turn your Versio into a clocked delay, ADSR-controlled VCA, or something completely different! Our firmware is always free for Versio owners, so change your Versio module whenever inspiration strikes! Forget menu diving. Say hello to a whole new building block for modular synthesis.”

Legio, meanwhile, is a stereo oscillator and effects platform. This lets you transform the module into a dynamics processor, a stereo multi-algorithm oscillator, or something completely different as new firmware is released. “Firmware is always free for Legio owners, so change up your module whenever you want a new function in your system. Legio is a 6HP transformable powerhouse.”

Watch the trailer for the new modules here:

Polydactyl Versio and Tymp Legio are available to pre-order now, with shipping starting August 25th 2022. For more, visit


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