Cory Wong’s guitar rig comes to your DAW with Neural DSP Archetype

Vulfpeck tones come bundled in an array of software pedals, cabs and amps.

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NeuralDSP Cory Wong stack

Neural DSP’s Archetype series brings the sounds and setups of revered guitarists into one intuitive plug-in. This time, the brand has collaborated with one of Vulfpeck’s groove-weaving guitarists, Cory Wong.

Archetype: Cory Wong includes three amps, three cabinets with a 9-band graphic EQ for each, six pedal effects, plus a MIDI mappable wah pedal. The amps featured in the plug-in are called D.I Funk Console, The Clean Machine and The Amp Snob. Keeping in line with Wong’s signature sound, each one belts out light and warm funk guitar tones.

Cory’s amps

D.I Funk Console is based on an analogue channel strip that provides “the classic ‘bubble tone’”, according to Neural DSP. It’s built with tube saturation, a compressor and selectable frequencies on the EQ section, plus high- and low-pass filters for sculpting your sound. Meanwhile, The Clean Machine is inspired by a range of different amps and was customised specifically for Wong’s needs, namely more control and versatility. “The result”, Neural DSP says, “delivers crisp, clean tones with a beautifully warm top end”.

Lastly, The Amp Snob emulates a rare amplifier that is versatile and capable of providing crystal clear tones. Its beauty shines through when cranking the gain and master controls, with the tube modelling softening high transients and rounding up the sound of boosters.

Cory Wong Neural DSP Screnshot

The three cab sims in Archetype: Cory Wong feature six virtual microphones to reposition around the speaker, with 108 impulse responses (IRs) per cab, making for 324 overall IRs.


Along with a mappable wah pedal that boasts Wong’s ideal wah sweep, the plug-in features six pedals for pre-effects and time-based effects. The Postal Service is an easy-to-use envelope filter; The 4th Position Compressor is part of Cory Wong’s signature sound, squashing the sound for clear punchiness; The Tuber is a classic booster pedal, modded to suit tube amp lovers; The Big Rig Overdrive is the heaviest of the pre-effects, providing a powerful overdrive that brings serious saturation.

In the post-effects pedal selection, you can make use of Delay-y-y for analogue-sounding BBD delays with warm repetitions, while The Wash will give you an expansive reverb with a Shimmer switch for lush atmospheres.

Archetype: Cory Wong can run as standalone software, or as a plug-in in for Windows and Mac desktops in 64-bit VST / AU / AAX format. A free trial is available, with the full version currently on an introductory offer of £86, down from £108.

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