Warm Audio’s DI boxes are designed by CineMag

Two new DI boxes launched at NAMM already being used on major records.

Warm Audio Active DI

Warm Audio Active DI

It’s fair to say that few people get super excited about DI boxes, but they are incredibly useful in the studio and on stage. And Warm Audio’s new pair of DI boxes have an intriguing provenance.

The new hardware is designed by the owner of Cinemag, the company that makes many of the transformers that appear in vintage and modern studio hardware.

The most interesting feature of the new DI boxes – which come in active and passive versions – is their variable pad, which can be swept from 0 to 30dB.

The Warm Audio DI boxes are available now and will cost $149 and $199 for the passive and active versions, respectively. Find more information here.

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