New Zealand scientists release nerdcore rap song to promote vaccination: “Delta will keep your dick soft”

Dr Joel Rindelaub cooked up the track while thinking of ways to make science more accessible to the public.

Vax The Nation

Image: Dr. J & Randa via YouTube

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to be a concern across the world, a duo of New Zealand scientists have put out a banger of a rap song to communicate the benefits of getting vaccinated.

Dr. Joel Rindelaub and Randa released the music video for their track Vax The Nation on YouTube, featuring cameos from some of their country’s foremost experts in tackling the Covid-19 pandemic, namely Dr. Siouxsie Wiles, Chief Science Advisor Dame Juliet Gerrard and Dr Jin Russell.

With lyrics like “How can Pfizer help me/ Long term effects/ Not on this bod/ On God/ Delta will keep your dick soft” and “Blessed to get mine/ I sit there in line/ Saving there world without even trying” the duo behind the song have clearly thought long and hard about how to best explain the risks of Covid-19, while calming fears about the vaccination in a novel approach that drew the approval of the scientific community.

It helped that the track bangs, too.

Dr Rindelaub told New Zealand’s Morning Report show that “[Scientists] want to make science more accessible to everyone, that was part of the reason of the music video is we want to keep our community healthy and we want to reach young adults to help get better vaccination rates so we can all have a great summer.

“Basically, [the genre] is how it sounds. It’s a little bit of a nerdier style of raps, it’s a bit lyrical where we can fit some of our message in and try to get it across the best way we can.


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