Alessandro Cortini, Caterina Barbieri, Daniel Avery and more feature on Make Noise’s Strega Musica compilation

The collaboration celebrates the patchable analogue synth launched in 2021.

MakeNoise Strega

Make Noise has launched Strega Musica, a collection of electronic music available to download for free and all made with Strega, the brand’s patchable analogue synth. The compilation boasts creations from Alessandro Cortini of Nine Inch Nails, Ben Frost, Caterina Barbieri, Daniel Avery, Kali Malone and many others.

Strega was launched in 2021 in collaboration with Alessandro Cortini and is built around a single complex oscillator with PWM and wavefolding feeding into a Karaoke-style delay. The Eurorack-compatible experimental synth is also the sibling to Make Noise’s 0-Coast and 0-CTRL.

Speaking on Strega Musica, Cortini says: “It’s quite inspiring when people connect with your output and your works, making them theirs, finding their own emotional colour in them. It’s truly magic and I will never stop being thankful for it. Creating an instrument that reflects your idea for a vessel of compositional creativity, and seeing it stimulate other people’s creative output, has to be in a complete different level, and I couldn’t have been caught more off guard by it. Hearing what people all over the world have made with Strega is invigorating and overwhelming!”

Tony Rolando of Make Noise and the co-creater of Strega said, “As a listener, I am forever seeking music that has the ability to put me into an alternate space. Sounds that let me travel fluidly through time, forward or backward. As an instrument designer, it makes me happy when people find a process, a patch program that creates a sound I’d not known was possible with the instrument. If that sound connects on an emotional level and takes me away from the now, the listener in me is also elated.”

He added, “As a musician, I’m looking for an instrument that wants to connect with me and travel… I travelled fluidly through time as Strega Musica played. As an instrument designer, I was surprised by the sounds these artists achieved. As a musician, the Strega sparked in me an energy I’ve not felt in a decade.”

You can find out more and download the collection for free at


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