Grammys outline new rules for AI use

“If there’s an AI voice singing the song or AI instrumentation, we’ll consider it,” says Harvey Mason Jr., CEO of the Recording Academy.


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The use of artificial intelligence in music is growing at a considerable rate, not only to write lyrics and produce tracks, but more recently, to take the place of a vocalist. As a result, The Recording Academy has established new rules for AI use in music that can be nominated for a Grammy.

Unfortunately, the answer is not as clear-cut as we would like, but considering how new and somewhat controversial AI in music creation is, it’s also not surprising.

Harvey Mason Jr., the CEO of the Recording Academy has taken to to answer burning questions about how the 2024 Grammys, which are scheduled to take place in February 2024, will handle the rise of this new technology.

“At this point, we are going to allow AI music and content to be submitted, but the Grammys will only be allowed to go to human creators who have contributed creatively in the appropriate categories,” says Mason Jr.

“If there’s an AI voice singing the song or AI instrumentation, we’ll consider it, but in a songwriting-based category, it has to have been written mostly by a human,” he continued. “If AI did the songwriting or created the music, that’s a different consideration. But the GRAMMY will go to human creators at this point.

“It’s important because AI is going to absolutely, unequivocally have a hand in shaping the future of our industry. The idea of being caught off guard by it and not addressing it is unacceptable.”

The implications of the rise of AI in the music industry have been widespread.

AI trained ‘deepfakes’, where users can use the voices of artists on entirely different tracks have been a cause for concern for artists who have seen their voices poached for different projects without their consent.

However, electronic musician Grimes has instead taken it in her stride, releasing Elf.Tech, an AI-powered vocal clone that allows fans to mimic her voice. Despite asking fans to “please be tasteful”, Grimes clearly wants AI to be a new way for users to make music, embracing technology rather than rejecting it.


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