Focusrite’s AI-powered FAST Verb analyses your audio to generate the ideal reverb

It also includes some more creative options such as reverse.

Focusrite FAST Verb

Image: Focusrite

Focusrite has added a reverb to its FAST series of AI-powered plug-ins, which analyses incoming audio to generate a suitable reverb profile.

FAST Verb takes advantage of a machine learning algorithm trained on 500,000 samples and offers users three different types of AI-generated reverbs: Natural, Balanced and Artificial. To get started, choose an instrument type and hit the analyse button. The plug-in also visualises wet signals in its interface, so you get a better idea of how your signals are being altered.

You can dive into Detailed View to further tweak the results with colour, clarity, modulation high-pass and mono-bass parameters. Plus, the plug-in has three effects – freeze, bounce and reverse – that invite more experimental options to the table.

Check out FAST Verb in action below:

FAST Verb is the fourth in the series – following the FAST Equaliser, FAST Compressor and FAST Reveal, a spectral ducker – which aims to offer quality sounding effects with speedy results.

You can pick up FAST Verb now for £89.82 or take on a £5.99 monthly to own deal for 15 months. Focusrite is also offering a limited bundle on all four FAST plug-ins for £100 or a £6.66 monthly subscription.

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