AI composer Jukebox attempts to write blues rock song in the style of Joe Bonamassa

Can a computer feel the blues in ones and zeroes?

Joe Bonamassa

Image: Mickey Bernal / Getty

Jukebox, Open AI’s latest AI composer, recently made an attempt at writing a blues rock track, Joe Bonamassa-style.

The AI research company introduced the programme in 2020. It features a neural network that’s able to generate music as raw audio in a variety of styles.

Bonamassa isn’t the only artist to be imitated on the platform, as numerous attempts have been heard on OpenAI Soundcloud’s account where other tracks – mimicking the likes of Frank Sinatra and Celion Dion – have been uploaded.

Entitled March: In the style of Joe Bonamassa, the minute-long clip features familiar vocals and instrumentals that hark back to Bonamassa’s breezy style albeit in a more distorted light.

As the latest AI composer created by the company, Jukebox is thought to surpass music generated from MIDI samples – MuseNet, also by OpenAI.

Jukebox, by comparison, deals with actual audio rather than MIDI and was trained on 1.2 million songs during its development to provide the system with a wide spread of information, from  audio and lyrics to metadata.

It seems songwriters aren’t going anywhere for the time being. However, Jukebox’s efforts to imitate well-known artists certainly speaks to the rise of AI-produced music and the recent slew of AI-generation musicians.


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