miRack turns your iPad into an affordable modular synth

Vitaly Pronkin’s new app is based on Eurorack hardware

mirack modular gui 1400x1050

iOS developer, Vitaly Pronkin, has released a new modular synth platform for $7.99 on the app store. Pronkin’s goal with miRack is to provide a user experience and audio quality that is close to that of Eurorack modular hardware.

The platform is based on VCV Rack, a free desktop modular synthesiser. Initially, miRack was intended to be a platform for cheap computer boards, such as Raspberry Pi but during development, Pronkin realised that miRack would be more effective on an iPad. He said: “It was clear that a touch screen is much better suited for dragging virtual cables between modules and for using knobs and other controls than a mouse”.

miRack supports Core MIDI input, meaning you can connect a hardware MIDI controller to the modular rack. Alternatively, the app supports background audio, so other iOS apps are capable of controlling the software, too. In future updates, Pronkin hopes to include more modules, different coloured patch cables, multitouch support, multichannel audio output and an audio recording module, among others.

It is important to note, as Vitaly Pronkin has clarified, that miRack is a fork of VCV Rack, and although they are compatible, they are different projects.

Check out a performance demo below

miRack is now available on the Apple App Store for $7.99. Find out more at mifki.com


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