Mesanovic unveils the RTM10 monitors and SC1 condenser mic

Plus the Iso Platform for decoupling and dampening your acoustics

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Mesanovic RTM10

Detroit-based microphone maker Mesanovic has unveiled its first pair of monitors, the RTM10, along with a new condenser microphone, the SC1, and the Iso Platform. Founded by Deni Mesanovic, the company is known for its ribbon mics, particularly the widely acclaimed 2A.

Mesanovic RTM10

The RTM10 3-way active DSP monitor is designed to be an all-in-one mixing, mastering and accurate listening system. Its frequency response ranges from 28Hz to 20kHz with “incredibly low distortion, endless dynamic range, ultra-fast transient response and stunning stereo imaging”, Mesanovic says. Each RTM10 sports a pure aluminium ribbon tweeter, mid-range cone driver and a high excursion aluminium subwoofer, plus Hypex’s latest NCore Class D amps and DSP. Each speaker has a combined 650 watts of power, creating low distortion even at high listening levels.

Suspended in a powerful magnetic field is the RTM10’s custom-built ribbon tweeter, made from 4-micron thick aluminium at a weight of just 0.01 grams. The tweeter is built with a transformer using the same toroidal cores found in Mesanovic’s mic transformers. This makes for a tweeter with exceptionally low distortion, while the featherweight ribbon allows for an “unmatched” transient response, according to Mesanovic. Each RTM10 speaker is calibrated and measured in an anechoic chamber, ensuring optimal frequency, phase and distortion requirements.

Check out Mesanovic’s video overview below.

Mesanovic’s RTM10 is available now at a price of $7499 USD per pair. Find out more at the end of this article.

Mesanovic SC1

Mesanovic SC1

Mesanovic’s first small diaphragm condenser mic comes in the form of the SC1. Sporting a sleek, metallic design, the mic features an interchangeable capsule system and comes with omnidirectional and cardioid capsules. Its transformerless design means that it boasts low self-noise, low distortion, fast transient response and a natural sonic character.

The manufacturer says that the SC1 is ideal for “for stereo recordings of drums, strings, orchestras, piano, and acoustic guitar. Its high SPL capability also makes it a great choice for snare drums, toms, and electric guitar cabinets”.

Listen to audio recorded by the SC1 below.

The SC1 Stereo Pair with matching omni/cardioid capsules is available at $1199 USD.

Iso Platform

Finally, newly released by Mesanovic is the Iso Platform, designed as a decoupling and dampening solution for your monitor setup. It achieves decoupling by making use of the speaker’s weight to load its spring system and produce a very low natural frequency. Mesanovic says: “The Iso Platform allows your speakers to achieve maximum performance by removing any vibrations transmitted to your speaker stands, floors and studio furniture”.

The Iso Platform costs $799 USD per pair. 

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