Demo: Mammoth Audio Density is a dark and dramatic debut

Trailer music house known for gritty cello sound makes their own instrument for composers.

NAMM 2020: If you’re looking to quickly create tension in your music, then newcomers Mammoth Audio may have the solution with the Density sample instrument. Density brings together a collection of unsettling sounds ideal for scoring thillers

The experimental sample library for Native Instruments’ Kontakt features over 1,500 organic one-shot samples and three fully playable instruments. The jewel in the crown of the playable instrument section is a 300-year old Venetian cello, which is recorded in a variety of unconventional ways. This is joined by a playable tuba and even a throat singer if you really want to raise hairs.

The comprehensive list of one-shot samples includes booms, hits, risers, Reverse FX and Zimmer-esque Braams for added menace.

To further ramp up the tension, Mammoth Audio has a master effects section with two distortions: Distort, which is a more analogue-style distortion and Mangle that is reminiscent of a bitcrusher.

All these features are ideal for sound designers and media composers. That’s because Mammoth Audio was founded by media composers. CEO Vikram Gudi, is also the founder of Elephant Music, a music production house that’s recently scored trailers for the likes of Avengers: Endgame, Morbius and A Quiet Place 2 and more.

Mammoth Audio’s Density can be purchased as a digital download or in a premium box that includes custom merchandise.

Mammoth Audio Density is now available for $299 and $349 for the digital download and premium box versions, respectively. For more information, visit

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