Get Lo-fi with three plugins from Novation’s Sound Collective

The Lo-Fi Ambient Tools suite is a free download for members of the Sound Collective community.

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Comprising of two effect units and a synthesiser, Puremagnetik’s mission is to provide inspiration and experimentation with its Lo-Fi Ambient Tools pack. The pack is available for free for those who are signed up to Novation’s Sound Collective, and will run from 3 October until 5 December. The plugin pack is usually priced at $50.

The three plugins are the Verv, Pastfabric and Fathoms. The Verv is a two-oscillator string synth, that features sun-baked, tape recorder emulation and a sound-thickening ensemble effect. It has been modelled after the 1970s Freeman String Symphonizer and ARP Solina.

Pastfabric is a micro-splicing machine that brings together granular and tape splicing-style audio deconstruction. It operates in realtime with whatever you choose to put into its buffer, and was inspired by granular microsound and experimental tape splicing practices. The GUI is very minimal and seems to take the ease-of-use approach. Pastfabric takes inspiration from the analogue and digital, to inspire nostalgic glitchiness to shimmering ambience.

Finally, we have Fathoms, an ambience and drone-generating effect, that can warp sounds with pitch-shifting, feedback delay with amplitude modulation, and physically modelled reverb. This is designed to create “glacial soundscapes, harmonic drones or endless pitch-shifted atmosphere” according to Puremagnetik.

You can become a part of the Sound Collective community if you’ve bought a piece of Novation hardware. Check out some of their products here.

Lo-fi Ambient Tools is available now from Sound Collective until 5 December. Find out more at


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