NAMM 2020: Lewitt celebrates its 10th anniversary with Project 1040

The new prototype is being billed as “the ultimate microphone system”.

Lewitt Project 1040

Lewitt Project 1040

NAMM 2020: Lewitt Audio has unveiled Project 1040, a microphone project that has been 10 years in the making and is touted to revolutionise studio and recording workflow.

Described as “the ultimate microphone system”, Project 1040 uses tube technology that provides four distinct sound characteristics: Clear, Warm, Saturated and Dark. Remote control is also supported via a standard studio three-pin XLR cable. The idea is that it is flexible enough to be used on virtually any studio source.

Lewitt is specifically not describing Project 1040 as a product, however. Prototypes have been 3D-printed and distributed to the pro community for beta testing and the company is in the process of gathering feedback.

The Lewitt Project 1040 is currently in development. For more information, click here.

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