Jamahook is a plug-in that helps you finish your track with AI

The software listens to your project and matches samples that fit with your music


Browsing through your samples folder for inspiration may be a thing of the past now that Jamahook is on the scene. Developed in partnership with Fraunhofer IDMT, the plug-in is said to use Artificial Intelligence to analyse your project, detecting tempo, harmony, mood, rhythm, key signature and genre, among other elements. Then, a selection of relevant samples is presented to you to drag and drop into your session at the matched tempo.

Moody loops

Jamahook has partnered up with Loopmasters to offer a pleasing selection of sounds. Samples can be filtered by Genre, Instrument and Mood, with three modes to choose from. Harmony will show you loops filled with chord progressions, Rhythm will find material in any key that matches your groove, and Drums will show you just beats and percussive samples.

Jamahook will recognise whether the mood of your track is positive or negative; whether its energy is aggressive or calm; whether the texture is hard or soft and whether the density is full to sparse, among other factors. These are all rather ambiguous terms, but this kind of language is used in other AI-equipped music analysing services like Cyanite, which has proven successful in its approach to music classification.

Easy riding

It’s often argued by members of the music tech community that too many tools are being made to make music production easy. While Jamahook may fit into this category, no doubt it will be a blessing to help some music-makers climb out of a writer’s block or speed up the creation of a quick demo or jingle. Plus, the ordeal of browsing through hundreds of sounds in sample packs to find a useful sound can often stunt creativity. With Jamahook being so affordable, it might be a very attractive utility for some producers.


Jamahook is free to download and trial, but a subscription is required to use the samples that the plug-in presents to you. Three monthly subscription packages are available: Bedroom (€3.99), Studio (€9.99) and Professional (€19.99). The amount of samples you can use per month is determined by your subscription package, with the highest tier, Professional, providing 400 points per month. Each loop will vary on how many points it costs, but the average is two points.

“It is fascinating how the democratization of music-making is further developing”, says Prof Karlheinz Brandenburg, MD of Fraunhofer IDMT and inventor of the MP3 format. “I am proud to see that Jamahook’s powerful A.I, built together with Fraunhofer, is at the cutting edge of this process and I am excited about the release of the world’s first Sound Matching VST”.

To download a trial for Jamahook and find out more about pricing, head to jamahook.com.

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